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We Were Here: Stories from Early Chinatown

Gasoline Alley Museum welcomes a new exhibit from Jan. 14 - April 30, 2023; We Were Here: Stories from Early Chinatown! Bring your family and come learn about Chinese history on the prairies through art and imagination.
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Gutter 24 — The Magazine of new Scottish and international writing

Gutter is an award-winning, high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland and featuring literature from around the world. Issue 24 features The Hair Thief, a short story by Lexie Angelo.
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Popcorn for Dinner

"What did you have for dinner last night?" I ask Brandie, my co-worker who sits across from me. Only the top of her head is visible over the grey fabric partitioned cubicle wall. I hear her put down her coffee, and type something quickly. Her computer screen lights up, and she pauses before opening her email. We’ve sat next to each other for over a year and we instantly bonded over our favourite food bloggers. We both love Angela Liddon. "Tyler is out of town so I made popcorn," she replies.

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New exhibit uses fiction to talk about Chinese community's history in Calgary | News

A group of artists is using fiction to delve into the history of the Chinese community in Calgary as part of an exhibit at the Lougheed House. Five short pieces are based on historical fact and aim to give people a better sense of Chinatown's history and its contributions to Calgary through the stories of characters from early Chinatown — like Jimmy Smith, whose donation after his death in 1890 funded Calgary's first permanent hospital, located in what is now Victoria Park.

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PotluckZine: Featuring 'Popcorn for Dinner' by Lexie Angelo

Our third issue is all about Back to Basics, celebrating the simplest foods that bring us joy! The basic comfort foods we go to in times of stress, the happiest memories we associate with the most unassuming foods, the staples that reflect who we are and how we were raised. It's about the food that truly makes us happy. Want to get a brilliant recipe for jam roly-poly whilst also learning about the best British-Nigerian food mash-ups?

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Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience

The pre-pandemic stories you will find in this book do not contain utopias or cast a light back on a better or happier time. They don’t tell stories of a world where nothing bad happens. As you’ll read, it is the small acts of resiliency that give humans the courage to face their fears, and ultimately, to change. In these pages you will find artwork, poetry and stories by Canadian artists and our editors. We are part of this journey together, and we are still here and very much alive.

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