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Gutter is an award-winning, high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland and featuring literature from around the world. Issue 24 features The Hair Thief, a short story by Lexie Angelo.
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New exhibit uses fiction to talk about Chinese community's history in Calgary | News

A group of artists is using fiction to delve into the history of the Chinese community in Calgary as part of an exhibit at the Lougheed House. Five short pieces are based on historical fact and aim to give people a better sense of Chinatown's history and its contributions to Calgary through the stories of characters from early Chinatown — like Jimmy Smith, whose donation after his death in 1890 funded Calgary's first permanent hospital, located in what is now Victoria Park.
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Prose and Poetry

The Trapline. Blindman Brewing, Super Coffee Stout. Session Stories. Canada. Winter 2021.

The Hair Thief. Gutter Magazine. Issue 24. United Kingdom.

From Canton to Calgary. The Lougheed House. We Were Here: Stories From Early Chinatown. July 1 - October 30, 2021 Exhibition.

How to time travel. Anthology: Where do you see yourself in five years? Forest Publications, Edinburgh, UK. Spring 2021.

The beast of the two-lettered place. Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience. The Selkie Publications, London, UK. April 3, 2021. ISBN: 978-1-7770865-2-7 

Ode to a Canadian Coffee. Battery Pack IV. Neon Books. United Kingdom.

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Thieves. Five on the fifth, 5 Sep. 2018, Vol 3, Issue 11

The Niskala. The Ogilvie, 18 Nov. 2017, Issue 1

Food writing

Popcorn for Dinner. Potluck Zine. Issue 3. Back to Basics. March 2021.

Acid & Fat: Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Culinaire Magazine. March 2021. Issue 9.8, pp. 18-19.

Over the campfire. Culinaire Magazine. 29 June 2020. Issue 9.2, pp. 22-24.

A community approach to local food in Alberta. Culinaire Magazine. 30 Apr. 2020, Vol 9.1, pp. 26-27.

    Food & Lifestyle Writing Culinaire Magazine

    Over the campfire by Lexie Angelo Cooking over a fire is one of the highlights of camping. Whether you prefer kicking back at campground in a provincial park, trekking into the backcountry, or enjoying a backyard affair – one classic tool you will want to bring with you is a cast iron pie maker.
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    Chinook Blast YYC, Artist Grant, 2021
    Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Literary Grant, 2021
    Calgary Arts Development, 2021 Microgrant
    Calgary Arts Development, 2019 Literary Arts Collective Grant
    The Banff Centre, 2018 Carlyle Norman Scholarship for Emerging Literary Artists Endowment
    Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology, Oakville Ontario Award, 2003